Local Information

The Blue Ridge Mountains were formed in three major uplift phases, the first about a billion years ago and the final one about 300 million years ago. This area has a rich history of gold mining, and a large numbers of Cherokee Indians who were eventually forced west along what became know as the Cherokee Trail of Tears. England’s King George III included the Blue Ridge Mountains as part of the American colonies.

After the civil war mining became one of the areas major industries along with distilling Moonshine. Beginning in 1900 large areas of the North Georgia forests were stripped clear of trees by major logging operations. Finally the federal government purchased the barren land, forming the Cherokee National Forest and in 1937 the Georgia portion was renamed the Chattahoochee National Forest.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are rich in culture that includes folk art, blue grass music, and southern rock and roll. In the 1880’s fiddler’s conventions were held throughout the region.

Downtown Blue Ridge offers a variety of unique shops where you will find local art, southern cooking, tasty sweets, many festivals, the Blue Ridge Theatre and even a scenic train ride. For those that enjoy the outdoors the opportunities are endless. Experience fly fishing, hunting, hiking, white water rafting, canoeing, boating on Lake Blue Ridge, horseback riding, the breathtaking beauty of the mountain scenery, waterfalls, even zip line the tree tops.

No matter what your taste you will find something to enjoy in Blue Ridge. Be sure to visit the local chamber of commerce in person or go to the website at www.blueridgemountains.com for a complete listing of all there is to do and see in this wonderful part of North Georgia.