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Renting a Log Cabin in Blue Ridge and Avoiding Chiggers


Many people that rent log cabins in Blue Ridge are not from the area and are not familiar with common insects like Chiggers. Chiggers are a tiny mite whose parasitic larvae live on or under the skin of warm-blooded animals, where they cause irritation and dermatitis. The bites from a chigger are very itchy and long lasting.

Chigger larvae infest humans by crawling up our shoes and legs as we make our way through the grass and underbrush. Even though we call them chigger bites the itchy spots people experience are not really bites. Cheggers do not actually bite us or burrow into our skin, and they do not suck our blood. Instead, chiggers use their mouths to drill tiny holes into our skin through which they secrete specialized salivary enzymes designed to break down our skin cells from the inside. Then, they slurp up the mixture through a tube formed by hardened skin cells called a stylosome. So they liquefy you and suck it up through their own built in straw. YUCK!

Chiggers love tight places where clothing fits up against the skin. Some of their favorite spots are waistbands, top of socks, the top and leg holes of underwear. Itchy bites in these areas that are almost impossible not to scratch can be very embarrassing and awkward. The good news is there are several steps you can take to avoid chigger bites. Below are the steps you should take before hiking or exploring the wooded areas near Blue Ridge, GA or hiking in the North Georgia Mountain Area. The grassy areas near your Blue Ridge rental cabin can be home for chiggers as well.

  • Use an insect repellant containing Deet on your skin and clothing. Apply the insect repellant to your face and neck by spraying is in your hand and carefully rubbing it on those areas. Don’t forget your hands and ears. Be careful to keep it out of your eyes, nose and mouth. Apply it liberally to the rest of your body and clothing paying attention to area where your clothing is tight or where your body gets warm. Adults should apply Deet to children.
  • Apply Permethrin to clothing. This product is sold under the names Permanone and Duranon.
  • Wear hiking boots or tennis shoes. Leather tennis shoes are preferred. Tuck your pants leg into your sock and tuck your shirt into your pants. You may also want to duct tape your ankles. It look goofy but it works so who cares how it looks.
  • Wear tightly woven clothing. Long sleeved shirts are suggested even though it is very hot in Blue Ridge Mountains much of chigger season. Chiggers can penetrate loosely woven clothing.
  • Stay on the trail and resist the urge to venture into tall grass where chiggers hang out. If you see tall grass or dense brush stay away.
  • Wash you clothes as soon as you arrive home or at the log cabin you are staying in. Most log cabin you rent in Blue Rent provide a washer and dryer.

Renting a log cabin and hiking in the North Georgia Mountains near Blue Ridge is a great experience. There are many wonderful trails with beautiful waterfalls and even a swinging bridge. Enjoy nature and a great hike by protecting yourself against pests such as chiggers and mosquitos.

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