Is The Log Cabin I Am Renting Clean?

It is easy to dust, vacuum and mop a log cabin vacation rental and make it appear to be clean when in fact some important aspects have been overlooked. We want to share 5 details you can look for to make sure you are staying in a truly clean cabin.

Clean and sanitary are two entirely different things. No vacation rental will be completely sanitary but many steps can be taken to ensure that guests are as protected as possible.

Log cabin vacation rentals are often located in areas that are surrounded by woods where bugs and pests are hard to aviod. Gravel roads create a lot of dust that can get into the cabin via air or tracked in on shoes. Some of this dust is unavoidable but there should be very little.

There are several things that should be standard sanitary practic for a log cabin vacation rental. At Log Cabin Rentals Blue Ridge our standards are very high and our cleaners have a checklist that must be completed and is reviewed by a property manager. Many vacation rental owners and managers overlook critical sanitary practices.

  • Mattresses should have waterproof mattress cover and those covers should be clean. Waterproof mattress covers can be plastic or cloth and will be marked as waterproof.
  • Pillows should be covered with plastic or cloth pillow protectors. A pillow protector is placed over the pillow and then the pillowcase is placed on top of the pillow protector.
  • The hot tub water should be clear with no residue or scum visible along the edges. The hot tub should be warm (85-100). You should be provided enough shock to put in the spa after each use or at least one per day. There should be a bromine floater in the hot tub. A bromine floater will usually be a grey floating device easily spotted in the tub.
  • The refrigerator should be empty and spotless. The ice in the icemaker should not have any odor and the icemaker should be turned on. Just to be safe it never hurts to empty the ice and let the icemaker make fresh ice. There should be no odor in the refrigerator.
  • Glasses, dishware, silverware, pots, and pans should all be clean and neatly put away. All dishes, pots, pan, silverware, bake ware should be in good shape. Glassware should not have any chips.

Along with the 5 suggestions listed above. Make sure ceiling fans, baseboards, and the corners of the floor are clean. You will never find perfection in a log cabin vacation rental but you can find very high standards. If you come across some issues notify the rental agent or the owner and allow them time to correct the problem to your satisfaction. Remember many vacation rentals are rented by the owner and they do not have a staff that can address everything in a matter of minutes. That said, a good vacation rental owner or manager should address your issues as promptly as possible.


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