Un-Bear-Able Trash at Log Cabins in Blue Ridge

Trash at Cabins in Blue Ridge

The North Georgia mountains are abundant with beautiful landscape, trees, streams, rivers, and wildlife. Much of the area is forest and home to many animals including bears, coyote, snakes, and spiders. When you are staying in a cabin in the woods you are a guest in their homeland. We want all of our guests to be safe by being aware of the wildlife around them.

Log Cabin Rentals Blue Ridge guests are asked to bag their trash then place it inside trash cans that are in outdoor trash boxes. Raccoons love to open trash cans so we place our trash cans in wood trash can boxes with a latch. Bears love to have a little trash snack as well so we recommend that guests take trash out only during the daytime. Always bag or double bag trash to help mask the smell that could attract various wildlife. Snakes and spiders like cool damp places so always look before you touch or walk near a trash box. Be mindful while placing your bagged trash in the trash can and seal the lid of the trash can.

Never leave any food outside! If you are hiking make sure to pick up your trash and be aware of your surroundings. Picnics are wonderful but make sure you are not sending out an unintentional invitations to a bear. Coyotes consider small animals a great snack so PLEASE do not leave your animals unattended. Keep small animals on a leash or in eyesight at all times. A hawk can swoop down and pick up a tiny dog in a matter of seconds. Dogs also like to sniff around and can get in trouble sniffing around rocks of thick brush. Snakes also like these areas so it is always best to keep your animals on a leash. Streams can attract snakes as well so be aware when you are entering a stream especially if the area has tall grass or brush.

Mountain life means living in the mountains and sharing them with the surrounding wildlife including predatory or dangerous animal like bears, snakes, spiders, coyotes, scorpions and hawks. Part of mountain living is being aware that you are most likely to see some wild animals and bugs. Keep safe and stay aware of your surroundings at all times.



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