How Do I Know if A Log Cabin Rental In Blue Ridge Is Legitimate?

Many vacation rental travelers use listing sites to advertise to potential guests. Some owners are very responsible and operate their log cabin rentals like a business but other owners are slow to respond or do not respond at all. Many of the listing sites will give each property a ranking or “grade” but that is not always a true indicator of how good the vacation rental property manager is.

Many listing sites have gotten a bit greedy and dictatorial. Insisting that owners use their payment providers or merchant service providers so that owners are forced to process online payments through the listing site. The listing site make money by charging a small fee to the owner to process the transaction and this fee is usually higher than other outside merchant service providers. This along with other undesirable changes like additional fees has caused log cabin rental owners to move your inquiry from the listing site and answer through their own reservation system or make reservations by phone or some other method outside the listing site. Don’t be alarmed if an owner wishes to do that because it will usually save you money. Make sure they are professional and follow up immediately with a confirmation.

Professional log cabin rental managers will always ask you to sign a rental agreement, provide confirmation, explain their billing policy, require a deposit or property damage fee, charge sales taxes and have a website. The top-notch property managers will email you with valuable information about the area, what to bring, things to do, check-in and check-out policies and more. There should be several communications from the owner or property manager and they should have a phone number for you to reach them.

A good way to judge the level of professionalism of any listing is to take a close look at the property descriptions, photographs and of course reviews. The property should have an overwhelming amount of good reviews but remember there is always someone that is never happy so don’t be surprised to see a poor review or two. The more reviews the better but don’t expect newly listed properties to have many reviews in the beginning. Read the reviews to see if they have favorable remarks about cleanliness, location, and management. Keep in mind that owners are not hotel managers so sometimes thing can go wrong but the owner or property manager should promptly take care of any problems that arise.

If you make an inquiry about a log cabin and the owner or property manager does not respond promptly then move on to another property. I advise speaking to the owner or property manager. We all know that we can get a better sense of the person we are dealing with when we speak with them rather than only using email communications.

Most vacation rental owners and property managers are very trustworthy and good. After all they need to be because they are opening their very valuable vacation rental home to complete strangers. We are sure you will have a great vacation rental experience and find vacation rentals far more comfortable than a stuffy hotel.


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